Dreams Empower Dreams

We are about inspiring unusually high quality creative writing, poetry, podcasts, etc. Anything that sprouts from the seeds of enthios planted in fertile ground of creative minds.  Seeds form from music, fine art, videography, written poetry, slam poetry and many diverse media. Whatever inspires an author is like rain to a farm’s crops. This is the goal of our meetings, conversations, presentations and creative test runs in writing experiments. To see what I mean watch this incredible FaceBook short video  <== here or from the video above.

Our group is comprised  of published or just nearly published authors whose dream is to break the sound barrier and because of fellow authors know the controls are reversed before  doing so!   In “The Right Stuff,”  Chuck Yeager experience breaking the sound barrier inspired a nation and our future in space. It’s the Right Stuff we are looking for as we share our dreams together. Pour out your dreams to the right people and share in the flames of inspiration!

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